The purpose of our two day workshops is to give an intensive session of learning where the aim is to give the greatest benefit to every attendee. The workshop will contain information for both tops and bottoms including working together with communication and understanding between partners.

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Class description

The content of the workshop will be modified depending on the level and needs of the attendees. This adaptive approach allows us to tailor the class to the requirements of the group and to concentrate learning where it will do the most good.

The workshop will not be purely technical but also cover the intention, aesthetics and beauty of bondage and suffering.

Over the two days we will look not only at what to tie but how with general principles that will apply to everything you do in bondage.

The intensive will include ground, semi-suspension & suspension work depending on the capabilities and progress of attendees.

The workshop will include work on rope handling, control & tension.

What to bring

The usual rope and a partner to tie. (I’d recommend that you have at least 8 lengths of natural fibre rope around 7m+- in length depending on your preference). Carabiniers / suspension ring / bamboo again depending on your preference.

There’s going to be a lot of work in these 2 days so you might want to bring some favourite compact snacks to keep your energy up.

Wear stuff that’s comfortable to tie in.

About educators

Over the past few years WykD Dave & Clover have travelled the world performing some of the most beautiful technically challenging rope bondage shows seen anywhere in the world. It’s almost wrong to call them shows as they are a glimpse of their real selves rather than a show acted for entertainment. Their rope is a story of emotion, passion, and beautiful suffering communicated through the medium of their interaction in bondage.

Dave’s work has appeared in Films, music videos, international fashion magazines and even in Paris’s Louvre gallery. Tying models from local kinksters and friends with no modelling experience to internationally known stars like FKA Twigs and Lady Gaga.

His teaching has revolutionised rope bondage for many students around the world as he shares his own take on what’s important to learn and understand about rope. His views are the result of years of experience, analysis and thought after tying, teaching and performing all over the world.

Clover is best known for her rope bottoming guide and rope bottom education. When teaching, her knowledge empathy and experience allow her to connect her audience with the subject and experience that she loves.

Dave almost always teaches with Clover providing her perspective as a rope bottom and believes that education for bottoms is just as important as for tops. Time and experience are constantly changing and evolving their classes making them a different experience every time.