We believe that teaching at highest level, requires best learning tools. That is why, just for you, we bring highest quality rope straight from the country of Cherry Blossoms. Jute ropes created in Japan are used by the best riggers all over the world! This is a unique opportunity for both our students and for whom the highest quality is important!

Price: 2 € per 1m
Delivery cost: depends on distance

Please send your request to [email protected].

Ropes that are available do not require any treatment, they are ready to use. Lack of treatment makes them more suited for people with allergies (no hidden chemical residue). They might dust however, but much less than ropes available on the Polish market.

Ropes are not mechanically twisted, which results with softness and quality of the weave. The downside is the tendency to unravel but, it's easy to fix. For this very reason all ropes are finished with a square knot.

Comparison Here is comparison between Polish Jute and Asanawa. On the left side we have ropes imported from Japan, on the right side you have already treated rope available in Polish stores.


If you want to match the length of your rope to your partner, there is a certain dependence on the length of the rope to the perimeter of the chest (counting with the shoulders). To properly measure the circumference of the chest, first place the model's arms in the "box tie" position (Takate Kote). Then measure the perimeter of the chest under the breasts. To get the correct length, multiply the measurement by 7.3 times. The length of 7.3 meters as a matter of fact, is a regular female model size.


Can I wash jute ropes ?
No. Ropes in contact with water shrink, becomes hard, and after drying can stay elastic. In case of unforeseen soak, should be dried under load.

Can I order colored ropes?
No. Only untreated and natural color ropes are available. Rope coloring is a form of treatment. In addition, the rope loses durability with treatment.

What to do to make new ropes not so harsh?
Ropes will become more delicate with use. The more often they are used, the faster they become delicate to touch. New ropes, to speed things up, hairs around the rope can be burned over the gas burner. After that they should be wiped clean with a cloth. In addition, to accelerate wear process you can cross the rope over the bamboo and rub against itself.