About Us

What is dojo?

In eastern culture this term is reserved for place where martial arts is trained. Literally however Dōjō (道場) means "place of the way".

Shibari Dojo Warsaw is most importantly the place of the way to improve Japanese rope bondage. During our workshops we maintain relaxed atmosphere not strict rules you can find during regular martial arts classes. We do not want to compete with other educators. On the contrary - many top notch riggers are frequently invited to teach.

Our mission Main values Why us?
We believe in continuous development and improvement of Kinbaku skills. Because of that we promote Japanese art of rope bondage locally and globally, and raise awareness about it during our workshops. We place great emphasis on conducting classes in the spirit and atmosphere of harmony, respect, purity of thought and peace of mind. At our workshops we learn the importance of humility, simplicity and intention. We want to convey that shibari is not only manual skills. It is above all emotions. The way in which one finds oneself. That's why our courses are of the highest quality, and the guests, whom we invite represent the highest standard.

Meet our team

For our dojo to function, people are necessary to lead workshops, exercises, training and share knowledge. Bellow are our trainers and people involved in life of our dojo.



The originator of the dojo and the lead instructor. Participated in numerous workshops and learned from the best in the field, among others.: Wykd_Dave, Yoroi Nicolas, barkas, Docvale. Still wants to improve, and the dojo is his additional motivation.

Our guests

It is very important for us that our students have the opportunity to meet and learn from top class riggers. Therefore, we invite mainly verified riggers, that represents the same values as we do.

Wildties & RedSabbath

Italy, Rome

Docvale & Tyka

France, Paris

Kirigami & Tenshiko

Italy, Milan

Soptik Zet

Czech, Brno

La Quarta Corda

Italy, Florence

Wykd_Dave & Clover

UK, Nottingham